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CCAHA's 40th: A Clear Connection with the Past

    • A Clear Connection with the Past

2017 marks 40 years of CCAHA. Every Friday, we'll share the articles, photos, and recollections that tell the story of how CCAHA became a world-renowned leader in conservation science.

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This article, written in DuPont Magazine in 1982, discusses the use of Mylar in conservation. DuPont had recently developed and trademarked the inert polyester film. Since then, it has been used for everything from supporting documents while transporting or washing to encapsulating and protecting them long-term.

The article interviews representatives from the Library of Congress, the American Institute of Architects, the Rosenbach Museum & Library, and the Historic New Orleans Collection, all of whom speak about Mylar’s use in long-term preservation and protection of objects. CCAHA’s Director of Conservation points out that Mylar is not only useful for safe storage, elucidating the many ways it aids conservation treatment:  

“We also use it in treatment processes, such as the removal of deteriorated cloth backings from old, weakened maps, poster and other works of art and artifacts on paper. When wetted, the paper clings to the ‘Mylar’ while the cloth is peeled off and a new, stronger backing can be adhered. The wet paper also slides easily over the ‘Mylar’ so that, with careful manipulation, tears can be realigned from the back while checking the alignment from the front through the ‘Mylar.’”

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