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June 2017

Friday June 30 2017

Treatment FOCUS: A Soldier's Memorial Certificate

    • 17.5.6 FOCUS

We recently used a unique technique to treat an early 20th-century soldier's certificate. 

Friday June 30 2017

CCAHA's 40th: Mary Louise Baker's Archaeological Illustrations

    • MLB watercolors

CCAHA has treated many of the watercolors of archaeological illustrator Mary Louise Baker.

Friday June 23 2017

CCAHA's 40th: Document Docs

    • Document Docs

This 1995 article provides an in-depth look at CCAHA, from conservation treatment to preservation initiatives.

Friday June 16 2017

CCAHA's 40th: An Appalachian Archive

    • CVC Appalachian

This 1989 article from The Coalfield Progress discusses a conservation survey of an Appalachian archive undertaken by CCAHA.

Friday June 9 2017

CCAHA's 40th: Refreshing the Images of the Past

    • Refreshing the Images of the Past

This 1992 article discusses the difference between conservation and restoration and suggests three places—CCAHA first among them—to have photos treated. 

Wednesday June 7 2017

CCAHA's Latest Enews

Our latest enewsletter features:

  • CCAHA's 40th Anniversary Appeal
  • CCAHA in the News
  • Updates from CCAHA's Regional Heritage Stewardship Program
  • Ongoing coverage of CCAHA's 40th anniversary
  • Upcoming CCAHA Programming

Read it here.

Friday June 2 2017

CCAHA's 40th: One for the Books

    • One for the Books image

This 1998 article from the Philadelphia Inquirer describes the conservation work being done in Philadelphia by profiling CCAHA, a bookbinder in private practice, and the American Philosophical Society.