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CCAHA's 40th: Disaster Preparedness and Response Program

    • Disaster Preparedness

2017 marks 40 years of CCAHA. Every Friday, we'll share the articles, photos, and recollections that tell the story of how CCAHA became a world-renowned leader in conservation science.

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In 1995, the College of Physicians of Philadelphia, a nonprofit professional medical institution that runs the well-known Mutter Museum, participated in CCAHA’s Disaster Preparedness and Response program. This article in Fellows’ Forum, the College’s quarterly publication, details the benefits of program, from a personalized Risk Management Plan to access to CCAHA on-site disaster supplies. The article also mentions a sometimes-overlooked aspect of risk management: adequately planning for renovations.

Participation in the program is especially opportune in light of proposed renovations to the building, as it will enable staff to work more effectively with construction personnel to provide efficiently for the completion of the renovations with minimal risk to collections and staff.

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