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Friday May 5 2017

CCAHA's 40th: Preserving Art Treasures Becoming Big Business

    • Preserving Art

This 1989 article from Rochester, Minnesota’s Post-Bulletin liberally employs a descriptive analogy, calling conservation “the health care sector of the art and antiquities trade.”

Tuesday May 2 2017

Treatment FOCUS: State Library of Pennsylvania's Nuremberg Chronicle

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Published in 1493, the Nuremberg Chronicle is part Biblical paraphrase, part world history.

Friday April 28 2017

CCAHA's 40th: Barry Papers Preserved

    • Barry Papers Preserved

This article highlights CCAHA's work on Revolutionary War-era documents belonging to what is now the Independence Seaport Museum.

Friday April 21 2017

CCAHA's 40th: CCAHA Moves

    • CCAHA Move

In 1985, CCAHA moved to the location it occupies now: the second floor of a historic building in Philadelphia’s Fitler Square neighborhood.

Friday April 14 2017

CCAHA's 40th: Film Protects Archival Documents

    • Conservators Choose Melinex

This piece, circulated in the early 1980s, discusses the use of Melinex polyester film in the treatment of historic documents.

Friday April 7 2017

CCAHA's Latest Enews

Our latest enewsletter features:

  • CCAHA Photograph Conservator Rachel Wetzel's Daguerreotype Lecture
  • Community Briefing on Federal Arts Funding Cuts
  • CCAHA in the News
  • Updates from the Performing Arts Emergency Preparedness Initiative
  • CCAHA Presentations
  • Updates from CCAHA's Regional Heritage Stewardship Program
  • Ongoing coverage of CCAHA's 40th anniversary
  • Upcoming CCAHA Programming

Read it here.

Friday April 7 2017

CCAHA's 40th: Old Documents Face New Menace

    • Old Documents New Menace

This 1989 article highlights CCAHA’s preservation survey work. 

Friday March 31 2017

CCAHA's 40th: The Treaty of Paris

    • Treaty of Paris

This article, published in the September 1983 edition of the Library of Congress’ Information Bulletin, discusses CCAHA’s treatment of the 1783 Treaty of Paris that ended the Revolutionary War.

Friday March 24 2017

CCAHA's 40th: Andrea Doria Salvage

    • Paper Money Salvage

In the mid-80s, CCAHA was involved in a high-profile triage project: the treatment of the paper currency from the sunken ocean liner Andrea Doria.

Friday March 17 2017

CCAHA's 40th: University is Home to Precious Collection

    • University is home to precious collection

This article details CCAHA’s work on Villanova University’s McGarrity Collection, a large collection of objects related to Irish culture.