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Wednesday May 24 2017

CCAHA's 40th: Benjamin Franklin Tercentennial

    • Franklin Tercentennial

This 2006 article in The Evening Bulletin discusses the Benjamin Franklin Tercentennial exhibit at the National Constitution Center.

Friday May 19 2017

CCAHA's 40th: A Helping Hand with Historical Preservation

    • Preservation Helping Hand

This article highlights CCAHA's Philadelphia Stewardship Program, with case examples from the Conshohocken Historical Society and Germantown Academy.

Friday May 12 2017

CCAHA's 40th: Small Phila. Shop Preserves History

    • Ellis Island Museum Treatments

This 1990 article describes CCAHA’s treatment of 600-700 objects—passports, photographs, certificates, journals, and tickets—for the new Ellis Island Immigration Museum. 

Friday May 5 2017

CCAHA's Latest Enews

Our latest newsletter features: 

  • Treatment FOCUS: State Library of Pennsylvania's
  • CCAHA Fellows Visit Japanese Papermakers
  • CCAHA in the News
  • Alliance for Response Show & Tell Event
  • Updates from the Regional Heritage Stewardship Program
  • Ongoing coverage of CCAHA's 40th anniversary,
  • Upcoming CCAHA Workshops

Read it here.

Friday May 5 2017

CCAHA's 40th: Preserving Art Treasures Becoming Big Business

    • Preserving Art

This 1989 article from Rochester, Minnesota’s Post-Bulletin liberally employs a descriptive analogy, calling conservation “the health care sector of the art and antiquities trade.”

Tuesday May 2 2017

Treatment FOCUS: State Library of Pennsylvania's Nuremberg Chronicle

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Published in 1493, the Nuremberg Chronicle is part Biblical paraphrase, part world history.

Friday April 28 2017

CCAHA's 40th: Barry Papers Preserved

    • Barry Papers Preserved

This article highlights CCAHA's work on Revolutionary War-era documents belonging to what is now the Independence Seaport Museum.

Friday April 21 2017

CCAHA's 40th: CCAHA Moves

    • CCAHA Move

In 1985, CCAHA moved to the location it occupies now: the second floor of a historic building in Philadelphia’s Fitler Square neighborhood.

Friday April 14 2017

CCAHA's 40th: Film Protects Archival Documents

    • Conservators Choose Melinex

This piece, circulated in the early 1980s, discusses the use of Melinex polyester film in the treatment of historic documents.

Friday April 7 2017

CCAHA's Latest Enews

Our latest enewsletter features:

  • CCAHA Photograph Conservator Rachel Wetzel's Daguerreotype Lecture
  • Community Briefing on Federal Arts Funding Cuts
  • CCAHA in the News
  • Updates from the Performing Arts Emergency Preparedness Initiative
  • CCAHA Presentations
  • Updates from CCAHA's Regional Heritage Stewardship Program
  • Ongoing coverage of CCAHA's 40th anniversary
  • Upcoming CCAHA Programming

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