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Monday February 23 2015

CCAHA Helps the Barnes Foundation Uncover 2 New C├ęzannes

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    • Cezanne Barnes 1
    • Cezanne Barnes 2
    • Cezanne Barnes 3

Our mission at CCAHA is to preserve our cultural history. Sometimes, we get to make history. We are thrilled to have helped the Barnes Foundation uncover two previously unknown sketches by Cézanne.

Tuesday February 17 2015

Treatment FOCUS: Sharing a rare edition of Emma

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    • Tamara's Hand and Emma for January-February 2015 FOCUS
    • Widescreen Tamara with Emma and Camera for January-February FOCUS 2015

CCAHA is working to digitize a rare, early edition of Jane Austen's Emma to ensure that it can be shared with anyone with an internet connection.

Thursday January 22 2015

CCAHA Seeks Fellow in Paper Conservation

    • Marianne de Bovis consolidating media on a Persian miniature from Bucknell University

The Conservation Center for Art and Historic Artifacts is pleased to offer a twelve-month fellowship in the conservation of works on paper beginning September 1, 2015.

Friday January 16 2015

CCAHA Accepting Applications for Assessment Programs

    • PSO Needs Risk Emergency Assessments

CCAHA is seeking applicants for its Emergency Preparedness and Response Program and its Preservation Needs Assessment Program. CCAHA is able to offer a limited number of subsidized assessments and plans (valued at over $5,000) for $350.


Thursday December 18 2014

Donate to our Annual Appeal

    • Open House 2014

Your contributions will help us to continue conserving artifacts, educating collections care professionals, and training the next generation of conservators. Click here to donate.

Monday December 15 2014

CCAHA Receives Grant from the National Endowment for the Humanities

    • Bryn Mawr College Chinese scroll painting

 CCAHA has received a $349,887 grant from the National Endowment for the Humanities.

Monday November 17 2014

Treatment FOCUS: Creating a new way to display leaves

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    • FOCUS 2014 Nov Dec 1
    • FOCUS Nov Dec 2014 2
    • FOCUS 2014 Nov Dec 3

William Heinrich Prestele was appointed the first ever staff artist of the Pomological Division of the Department of Agriculture in 1887. The grape leaves he drew posed a unique challenge when they came to the Center for treatment.

Friday October 31 2014

CCAHA Celebrates the Star Spangled Banner

    • Star Spangled Banner

In honor of the poem’s 200th anniversary, we at CCAHA are looking back on one of our favorite projects.

Tuesday September 16 2014

CCAHA Welcomes New Executive Director Laura Hortz Stanton

    • Laura Hortz Stanton

After an extensive national search, the Conservation Center for Art & Historic Artifacts (CCAHA) today welcomes its new Executive Director, Laura Hortz Stanton.

Friday August 8 2014

Stabilizing mug shots from Eastern State Penitentiary

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    • Mug Shot Book from Eastern State Penitentiary (13.340)
    • Close-up of Mug Shot Book from Eastern State Penitentiary (13.340)
    • Pop-up exhibit at Eastern State
    • Eastern State Penitentiary exterior

The second artifact on Eastern State Penitentiary's endangered artifacts list—a book containing about one thousand inmate mug shots from 1904 to 1906—recently came to CCAHA for treatment.