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Regional Heritage Stewardship Program Workshop IV (Jackson, MS)

  • March 3, 2018

Risk Assessments for Cultural Institutions 

Before an institution can begin developing an emergency preparedness and response plan, it is important to understand just what kinds of risks its collections might face. 

A risk assessment identifies potential risks and outlines strategies that might mitigate damage in the event of an emergency or disaster. 

This workshop will offer tips for conducting these assessments on a site-wide level and for specific collections, as well as case studies of institutions that have dealt with disasters, and advice on forming relationships with first responders and other outside contacts who can help conduct risk assessments.

Speaker: Samantha Forsko, Preservation Specialist, CCAHA

Location: Holiday Inn Express & Suites Jackson-Coliseum

Fee: $30 per day, $50 for Workshops III & IV

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