• Paper Lab
  • 264 South 23rd Street  
  • Philadelphia, PA 19103
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  • Michelle Eisenberg, Deputy Director
  • Amy Heuer, Manager of Marketing & Engagement
  • Laura Hortz Stanton, Executive Director
  • Della Keyser, Records and Client Services Administrator
  • Mary Anne Manherz, Director of Administration & Operations
  • Jen Nugent, Registrar
  • Lee Price, Director of Development 

Preservation Services

  • Stephenie Schwartz Bailey, Education Program Manager & Preservation Consultant
  • Dyani Feige, Director of Preservation Services
  • Samantha Forsko, Preservation Specialist
  • Emily Polhamus, Preservation Services Assistant
  • Tamara Talansky, Preservation and Imaging Project Coordinator

Documentary Heritage and Preservation Services for New York (DHPSNY)

  • Jason Henn, Documentary Heritage and Preservation Services for New York Communications Assistant
  • Gillian Marcus, Documentary Heritage and Preservation Services for New York Preservation Specialist
  • Anastasia Matijkiw, Documentary Heritage and Preservation Services for New York Program Coordinator
  • Amelia Parks, Documentary Heritage and Preservation Services for New York Archives Specialist


  • Jungohk (Theresa) Cho, Senior Book Conservator
  • Tessa Gadomski, Book & Paper Conservator
  • Richard Homer, Book Conservator
  • Heather Hendry, Paper Conservator
  • Barbara Lemmen, Senior Photograph Conservator
  • Mary Schobert, Director of Conservation
  • Jessica Silverman, Senior Paper Conservator & Preservation Consultant
  • Rachel Wetzel, Photograph Conservator


  • Jacinta Johnson, Mellon Fellow
  • Brook Prestowitz, National Endowment for the Arts Fellow


  • Heather Godlewski, Conservation Assistant
  • Amber Hares, Conservation Assistant
  • Keith Jameson, Conservation Technician
  • Anna Krain, Senior Conservation Assistant
  • Jilliann Wilcox, Senior Conservation Assistant

Housing & Framing Services

  • Anne Buckwalter, Housing Technician
  • Zac Dell'Orto, Manager of Housing & Framing

Imaging Services

  • Andrew Pinkham, Manager of Digital Imaging