The Sealed Package and Preservation Framing


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Paper is especially sensitive to environmental fluctuations in temperature and humidity, airborne pollutants, particulate matter, pests, and mold. Preservation housing and framing of paper art and artifacts protects against these threats. The sealed package in particular creates a microclimate ideal for storage and display, especially when handling and transport may be frequent. This webinar will address how sealed packages are constructed at CCAHA, the materials used, and benefits of the various types of sealed packages. 


About the Speaker:

As Manager of Housing & Framing at CCAHA, Zac Dell’Orto assists clients with housing and framing choices and questions. He is responsible for the matting and framing of objects for storage and exhibition, including the design and construction of sealed microclimate packages. He works with conservators on the design of special housing and presents programming related to preservation housing, framing, and handling.

Zac previously worked as a picture framer at Vision Graphics and Picture Us Galleries, and as a moulding department worker at the Frame Factory. He received a BFA from the Maryland College of Art with a major in General Fine Arts and a concentration in Printmaking.