We present workshops and conferences across the country, educating professionals in the best practices of collections care. Our guides, fact sheets, and webinars help individuals and professionals to care for their objects. For several decades, we've trained the next generation of conservators through grant-funded fellowships.

Workshops & Conferences

Our education programs are intended primarily for staff working with artifacts in institutions and private collections. In lectures, hands-on interactives, and webinars, we present training on caring for cultural heritage. We also offer customized, fee-for-service workshops tailored to the needs of a specific institutions.

Guides & Fact Sheets

Written by conservators and preservation specialists, our resources address topics in collections policy and planning, storage solutions, artifacts handling, and disaster recovery. Individuals and professionals alike can find guidance for caring for their collections.

Fee-for-Service Workshops

We customize programming to the needs of particular institutions on a case-by-case basis.


Our fellowships allow postgraduate conservators the opportunity to work in our lab on a variety of projects.