About Us

CCAHA is a nonprofit conservation center in Philadelphia. Our conservators repair and stabilize books, photographs, and documents. Our preservation staff members work in the field, helping institutions plan for the future of their collections.

Mission-driven for over 40 years

Our mission is "preserving the world's cultural heritage." It's a short phrase, but a big undertaking. If we sound ambitious, it's because we are. We are passionate about our work.

We work to meet our mission every day, by helping our clients share the stories of their objects, by leading large-scale preservation services initiatives, by providing subsidized collections care training across the country, by researching and field-testing the latest in conservation technology.

We bring a thoughtful approach to every project we undertake. How can we help you?

Our Process

We adhere to the American Institution for Conservation of Historic and Artistic Works (AIC)'s Code of Ethics and Guidelines for Practice. This means that we document our work with photographs and written reports. We use materials and techniques that contribute to the long-term preservation of objects. We keep ourselves informed of innovations in our field and educate others about best practices.

Clients of every type

Our clients range from private individuals to large museums to volunteer-run historical societies.