Examining an uncased daguerreotype under a microscope

Preservation Planning

A big picture plan for the long term

A preservation plan is a holistic set of guidelines catered to an institution's collections and capacity. Like a strategic plan for collections care, this long-range document sets a framework for preservation goals, laying a roadmap of action items for several years.

A preservation plan begins with a visit from a CCAHA staff member, who interviews staff and assesses the building and collections. The process helps organizations see the big picture, setting realistic goals for collections care initiatives.

The plan addresses:

  • institutional policies and procedures
  • collection development policies and priorities
  • emergency preparedness and response
  • environmental conditions and monitoring (temperature, relative humidity, light, pests, and mold)
  • storage furniture and materials
  • security
  • housekeeping
  • staffing
  • financial resources
  • repair and conservation treatment needs
  • reformatting options (microfilming, photoduplication, photocopying, and digital imaging)
  • exhibition needs


Applications are now open for our Preservation Needs Assessment, Risk Assessment, and Digital Preservation Assessment programs.

Emergency assistance every step of the way

We provide emergency assistance for institutions and individuals with damaged paper-based collections. From planning to network-building to response, we can help.