Creating a sealed package

Our Work

We conserve paper objects. We advise on everything else.

Our in-house conservation treatment services are focused on paper objects: books, photographs, and flat paper items.

We treat, digitize, house, and frame:

  • prints
  • art on paper
  • photographs
  • books
  • scrapbooks
  • documents
  • paper archives
  • posters
  • blueprints
  • screens
  • ephemera
  • maps
  • globes
  • wallpaper
  • parchment
  • papyrus
  • baseball cards
  • postcards

Our preservation services address objects of all kinds, from paper objects to oil paintings, textiles, and three-dimensional historic artifacts. We provide collections care training at sites across the country. We advise on environmental conditions in collections storage spaces. We write preservation plans to help institutions prioritize preservation goals.


If it's made of paper, we can help.

Our conservation staff stabilizes objects for the long term and improves them aesthetically.

Applications are now open for our Preservation Needs Assessment, Risk Assessment, and Digital Preservation Assessment programs.