Guides & Fact Sheets

In response to the COVID-19 public health crisis, a growing number of organizations in the fields served by CCAHA have begun developing new programs and resources. CCAHA and our partners at DHPSNY have worked together to compile these COVID-19 resources in a single place for your reference at the link below.

View COVID-19 resources for cultural institutions.

All resources below are available as a download at the bottom of each page. To cite resources from our database, please use the following format:

"[Name of Technical Bulletin]." Conservation Center for Art & Historic Artifacts, Philadelphia, PA, [year]. "Guides & Fact Sheets,"


A worksheet of ISO standards for housing photographs.

Historic properties and cultural institutions should have an Integrated Pest Management (IPM) policy in order to effectively prevent damage to their collections. Having an IPM plan sets a schedule for monitoring, housekeeping, and identification of potential pests.

 A report on findings from a survey conducted by Emma Ziraldo, CCAHA National Endowment for the Humanities Preventive Conservation Fellow, prepared September 2020.

Light can cause damage to collections. The amount of damage is determined by the intensity and type of light, the time of exposure, and the natural resistance of the object’s components.

A worksheet on mold detection and mitigation.

Choosing appropriate materials and methods for matting and framing has significant and lasting effect on the condition of paper artifacts.

An infographic on mold and cultural collections.
The National Resource Guide for Disaster Preparedness.