Guides & Fact Sheets

In response to the COVID-19 public health crisis, a growing number of organizations in the fields served by CCAHA have begun developing new programs and resources. CCAHA and our partners at DHPSNY have worked together to compile these COVID-19 resources in a single place for your reference at the link below.

View COVID-19 resources for cultural institutions.

All resources below are available as a download at the bottom of each page.

A glossary of general preservation terminology.

During renovation, considerable change in material properties can occur to collection objects. Damage can be caused by improper handling during moving, inadequate safety precautions and housings in temporary storage, or premature introduction into the new storage areas.

This webinar guides you through the process of understanding housing materials marketed as “archival” or “conservation-grade.” Additional recommendations will also be shared for choosing appropriate housing constructions for artifacts with particular conservation concerns, with a peek at some exa

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An infographic of the ideal process for collections preservation and conservation.
An illustrated guide to book terminology, in two parts.
A recorded webinar about digitization.

In this webinar, Gina Strack and Mahala Ruddell will give an introduction to digitization. The course will focus on comparing in-house with outsourced digitization by balancing best practices with case-study presentations.