Digitization 101

Digitization 101 is a series of six focused webinars that highlight specific topics related to digitization project planning and completion. Topics include prioritization of collections, metadata and file specifications, equipment selection, and more.

Originally presented in the summer of 2020, the Digitization 101 webinar series is a national education program provided with generous support from the National Endowment for the Humanities and the William Penn Foundation.

All six episodes in this series are available to watch below or on our YouTube channel. A copy of the presentation slides and list of resources are also available for download at the bottom of this page. 

The first webinar of Digitization 101 introduces prioritizing material for digitization, one of the first steps of a digitization program. This discussion helps this task feel less overwhelming and more manageable. Additionally, identification and selection of collections for digitization can assist with potential grant funding and advocacy.

Episode 1: Prioritization of Collections

Episode 2: File Storage for Digitization

The second webinar of Digitization 101 focuses on digital file storage. It’s important to understand how to store and maintain files before investing time and funding to digitize collections. Discussion includes file storage best practices, types of file storage, and tips on how to estimate how much server space you’ll need.

File Specifications for Digitization

The third webinar of Digitization 101 discusses best practices in deciding specifications for master and derivative files. This session covers specifications including file types, image resolution, bit depth, color space, cropping, and file naming for a variety of archival materials.

Metadata for Digitization

The fourth webinar of Digitization 101 provides an overview of metadata practices for digitization projects. This discussion reviews different types of metadata and ways to associate this important information with your digital files.

In-House vs. Outsourcing and Quality Control

The fifth webinar in Digitization 101 combines two related topics: Determining where to conduct your digitization project and maintaining quality control. This session discusses the pros and cons of digitizing in-house at your institution vs. outsourcing the project, what to look for in a vendor, and how to establish a quality control program.

Episode 6: Equipment Selection

The sixth webinar in Digitization 101 reviews various types of digitization equipment and how to select tools that balance the needs of your materials, staff expertise, and budget.