Cold Storage Supply Ordering Information

A supply guide of cold storage tools.

Many of these materials can be purchased from multiple vendors, although only one or two are given below. Inclusion on the list does not imply endorsement by the Conservation Center for Art & Historic Artifacts (CCAHA), nor does omission indicate censure.

Image Archive Freezer Kit
Hollinger Metal Edge

Polyethylene Zipper-lock [plain, clear, “Press to Close”, 6 to 8 mil]

Static Shield Bag [open end - do not order zipper-lock type].

Marvelseal 360 Pouches
University Products

Marvelseal 360 on a roll
University Products

Marvelseal 360 and 470 on a roll
MidSouth Packaging, Inc.

6-Spot Humidity Indicator cards [read 10-60%]
ULINE Indicators?pricode=WU353&gadtype=pla&id=71303903482&gclid=CIOm6ouv_LwCFVRo7Aod1S0APQ

9-Square Humidity Indicator cards [read 10-80%]
Gaylord Archival

3M 313 Acrylic Plastic Packaging Tape [3” x 50 yds (works in temp range 32-120˚F)]