Off the Shelf Agenda

Day One

Hands-On Tours: Opening Special Collections for Audiences Beyond Researchers

Judith M. Guston, Curator and Director of Collections, The Rosenbach, Philadelphia

Managing Preservation In and Out of the Special Collections/Archival Classroom

Carrie Schwier, Outreach and Public Services Archivist, Assistant Librarian, Indiana University Bloomington Herman B. Wells Library

Maureen Maryanski, Education and Outreach Librarian and Assistant Librarian, Indiana University Bloomington Lilly Library 

Preservation and access considerations for audio-visual collections

Kristin MacDonough, Grander Fellow in Time-Based Media Conservation, Art Institute of Chicago

Braille Music Collection Digitization Project

Donna Koh, Librarian, Library of Congress, National Library Service

Katherine Rodda, Music Librarian, Library of Congress, National Library Service

Hidden History and Community Connections: Case Study of the Indiana Deaf History Museum

Kris Johnson, Director, Indiana Deaf History Museum

Access in the Future: Planning for Digital Preservation to Protect your Digitized Collections

Annie Peterson, Program Leader, LYRASIS

The Case of the Awgwan: Considering Ethics of Digitization and Access for Archives

Mary Ellen Ducey, Associate Professor, University Libraries, University of Nebraska-Lincoln

Day Two

Ethical Stewardship and Engagement with Members of Relevant Community Populations

Michael Pahn, Head Archivist, Smithsonian Institution, National Museum of the America Indian Cultural Resource Center

Security Issues in Access

Tricia Gilson, Archivist, Columbus Indiana Architectural Archives

Objectionable at Best: Perspectives on Controversial Materials

Ruth Ann Jones, Special Collections Education & Outreach Librarian, Michigan State University Libraries

Preservation As Access: The Facsimile

Dyani Feige, Director of Preservation Services, Conservation Center for Art & Historic Artifacts

Pulling Back the Curtain: Connecting Users with Collections via Preservation

Elise Calvi, Head, General Collections Conservation and Preservation Services, Indiana University Libraries, Bloomington 

Introduction to the Indiana Experience History Lab exhibit: The backstory for the development of a permanent gallery and teaching space that features conservation behind the scenes

Ramona Duncan-Huse, Senior Director of Conservation, Indiana Historical Society

Kathy Lechuga, Book Conservator, Indiana Historical Society

Stephanie Gowler, Paper Conservator, Indiana Historical Society

Visit to the History Lab, Indiana Experience exhibits 
(no registration required)
Additional facilitated hands-on experience (limited to groups of 20)