Resources and Tools - Cultural Stewardship Succession Planning Initiative

Unsure of where to start in your succession planning journey? Look through this roadmap to decide what resource(s) to look at first.

5 Key Questions Board Members Should Ask About Staff Succession Planning

Top 10 Things You Can Do NOW To Support Succession Planning & Staff Transitions

Job Analysis for Succession Planning

Oral History Knowledge Transfer Guide

RACI Chart for Succession Planning

Succession Risk Advocacy Matrix

Calendar for 30-60-90 Days After Starting a New Job

File Naming Strategies to Aid in Succession Planning

Essential Written Plans, Policies, and Procedures for Collections-Holding Institutions

Additional Resources

Cultural Succession Planning Bibliography

A collection of publications and media on Succession Planning-related topics from outside CCAHA.

Collections Management Policy Toolkit

A digital tool developed by CCAHA that guides collecting institutions step-by-step through the process of creating a Collections Management Policy.