Conscientious Consumption: An Inclusive Vendor List

This list of vendors was initiated for CCAHA's Diversity in Collections Care: Many Voices colloquium. The list is intended to raise awareness, access, and support for businesses relevant to our sector that are BIPOC-, LGBTQ+-, women-owned and/or operated, as well as ones that offer sustainable products. This list is a resource, not necessarily an endorsement, as not all companies listed have been used by CCAHA staff. Additions and suggestions are welcome and can be directed to with "Vendor List" in the subject line. When making a recommendation, please be sure to only list considerations by which the company self-identifies. This is to avoid inadvertently putting individuals at risk by sharing an identity they are not open about. At this time, this list is not openly editable while we figure out the format and future for this project. This, like all aspects of the list, is open to change. Thank you for your interest and support.

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