One morning last June, employees at Shofuso Japanese Cultural Center arrived at work to find their iconic fusuma murals badly damaged by an intruder. Since the panels were uniquely created for the space, treatment could only be undertaken by specially trained conservators. Enter CCAHA.
In the latest installment of this series, we learn about a 1739 hymnal produced by members of the Ephrata Cloister in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, from the collections of Elizabethtown College.
Earlier this month, we shared a short preview of a behind-the-scenes video on CCAHA's treatment of the original 6abc Action News theme song sheet music. Now you can watch the entire clip on the CCAHA YouTube channel!
CCAHA Paper Conservator Chloe Houseman presents conference displays created by Barbara Gittings in the 1970s, describing their place in history and explaining the treatment that will ensure they are preserved for future display and research.
If you’re from the Philadelphia area, you know the 6abc Action News theme song. Last year, we welcomed the iconic news intro’s original sheet music to the CCAHA lab for treatment.
Funding will support the development of CCAHA's Regional Heritage Stewardship Program (RHSP) in the Caribbean region.
A new special exhibition, Black Founders: The Forten Family of Philadelphia, opens February 11 at the Museum of the American Revolution.
CCAHA is dedicating this year’s annual appeal to supporting the next generation of conservators. Funds will be used to match a $36,000 grant from the National Endowment for the Arts to support our 2022-23 Fellowship program.