CCAHA is seeking a Digital Imaging Manager to act as project manager for all digital imaging projects and oversee our team of two digital imaging technicians.
The Conservation Center for Art and Historic Artifacts (CCAHA), a non-profit conservation laboratory located in Philadelphia, PA, is pleased to offer a twelve-month post-graduate fellowship in our book conservation lab beginning in September 2022. The fellowship has the possibility of renewal for a...
Why do we conserve family objects? For Cindy and Mark Bedwell of Chester County, Pa., who came to CCAHA to help them conserve their family’s Brandywine Hounds Collection, it was about preserving it for future generations. “It’s a little piece of Chester County history,” Cindy said.
Few projects in recent years have impressed CCAHA staff like the large collection of Count Basie’s scrapbooks and personal items from the collections of the Institute of Jazz Studies at Rutgers University–Newark.
CCAHA is pleased to offer a twelve-month post-graduate fellowship in either our paper conservation lab or our photo conservation lab beginning in September 2022. Though not anticipated, the 2022-2023  fellowship year could be a combination of remote work and in-lab work depending on safety measures...
"It's always interesting to see the original of an artwork that has been widely reproduced. Copies are never quite the same, in my opinion, and getting to interact with this piece has been so rewarding."
Two years since COVID-19 triggered a national lockdown and evacuation of the workplace, the staff of CCAHA looks back on successful strategies that helped us adapt and continue preservation and conservation work for our clients.
The photographer wanted to convey to his colleagues in Philadelphia the immensity of what he saw and that it was not only on the shoulders of the workers to do good work, Kahn’s staff needed to do so as well.