CCAHA is seeking a full time Photograph Conservator. The candidate should have demonstrated ability in treating both fine art and archival collections of photographic materials.
As we enter this season of thanksgiving, Executive Director Michelle Eisenberg reflects on why she is grateful to serve this organization, and how your donations help expand CCAHA's impact.
“This isn’t a job where you learn it, you know it, and that’s it,” Jilliann said in a recent interview. “This is constant learning and exposure to new problems. That fascinates me more than anything.”
CCAHA is seeking an Imaging and Conservation Technician. This role is responsible for converting fragile and rare artifacts to digital format using a medium format digital camera, in addition to derivative file creation and color management.
September is FEMA’s National Preparedness Month, and while we always take this opportunity to share disaster recovery and emergency preparedness tips for collections, there is an added urgency to this year’s message.
Education is a large part of CCAHA’s overall mission, and every year we are honored to host interns and fellows from across the country and the world who bring a thirst for knowledge and experience. But the relationship is not one-sided—CCAHA benefits from a constant infusion of fresh perspectives.
This fall's CCAHA Open House will once again offer an evening of conversation and refreshments, followed by a guided tour of the lab.
On August 9, CCAHA welcomed State Representative Ben Waxman for a meeting with members of CCAHA's staff and board, followed by a tour of the CCAHA lab.